Welcome to Connect 2010

The CONNECT program is open to all who are interested in Lebanon and the Middle East.  Participants have come from the US, Canada and Arabian Gulf, with some having roots in the region.  Our mission is to CONNECT Lebanese and other Arab immigrants with their homeland and to CONNECT those who want to know more about the area with our cultural heritage.

This is achieved through:
- Academic programs
- Seminars, workshops, and meetings
- Audiovisuals and Tutorials
- Trips in Lebanon
- Hikes throughout Lebanon
- Cultural & sports activities
- Community-based projects


> We offer an opportunity for young men and women residing outside Lebanon to experience and enjoy living, learning, and building human relationships in the beautiful environment of Lebanon.

> CONNECT is designed in content and method to enrich the mind, body, and soul. It does so by CONNECTING youth in a manner conducive to addressing cultural and ancestral interests.